Social Media

Like search and blogging, social media can be a powerful way for your company to get found. By participating in online conversations, you can build trust for your company, attract new visitors to your site and generate new leads for your business.

We’ll tie all the social media platforms together for you.

By quantifying and tracking reach over time, we’ll be able to measure the impact and progress of your social media marketing efforts.

Blogs can be very helpful for SEO purposes — they are often the one area of your website that has new content on a regular basis. Blogs can be used to further drive inbound links to your site.

This strategy utilizes all of the digital assets available to affect organic search engine rankings. Blog posts, whitepapers, articles, webinars, video, podcasts and more are further promoted on the web, building inbound links into your website, which drives both traffic and improved search engine rankings.

Our social program includes:

  • Campaign Strategy and Design
  • Recommendations for syndication and content distribution
  • Copy writing to build your content library
  • Comment management and response recommendations
  • Community outreach and blogger outreach recommendations
  • Build social velocity and manage social capital