Lifecycle Marketing

Or some call it lead nurturing…

Your most precious resource could be right in front of you.

Acquiring new customers is great – and essential. But it’s not the only way to increase your ROI. Your existing customers, and others who’ve demonstrated their interest, may actually be your most valuable – and most underestimated – revenue source.

We will help you leverage the relationship you already have with these customers, taking advantage of their interest in your company and the low marketing costs associated with reaching out to them on an ongoing basis.

We call this strategy customer lifecycle marketing, a process that promotes one-to-one communication across a variety of platforms throughout your customers’ relationship with you.

By delivering the right message at the right time using the right medium, lifecycle marketing gets results, including dramatic increases in customer response, increased conversion rates and more efficient marketing spend. Here’s how we do it:

  • Audit your Data >> We’ll review your past ongoing communication efforts and identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.
  • Survey your Customers >> We then contact your customers to collect the information you may not have, and ask your contacts how and when they’d like to be communicated with. We integrate your systems to build your knowledge about your customers ongoing.
  • Customer Lifecycle Plan Development >> We analyze your opportunity, then execute, measure, make recommendations, test and ever-improve results.

Tactics can include email, text, voicemail, direct mail and more, all measureable and working in tandem with your overall marketing program. We deliver these campaigns using the right communications platform for your business.

Relationships aren’t one-time efforts. They’re all about longevity – and keeping your customers engaged. That’s why we also test our findings, measure the results and adjust our efforts over time, cyclically repeating the process to improve our knowledge – and your return.